Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

A picture of SERVPRO crew.

Crew Photo

Above is our SERVPRO team from Fayette County and of Morgantown. Although not everyone is pictured in the photo, our entire teams strives to do the best capable job as possible to continue our trusted services. 

If you have any questions about our services, please give us a call today! 


A picture of SERVPRO staff removing a window on the roof.


Here at SERVPRO we do more than just work inside the house. We are prepared and qualified to do a multitude of jobs to completion with quality craftsmanship and precision. 

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


Adding New Marketing Vechile

SERVPRO of Morgantown has added a New Marketing Vechile

SERVPRO of Morgantown gets to welcome a new Marketing Vehicle to their fleet! The SERVPRO Professionals will be able to use the vehicle to provide more information about SERVPRO to other customers and businesses.

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


Newest Box Truck to SERVPRO of Morgantown

New To Our Fleet

SERVPRO of Morgantown has added a New Box Truck to their fleet! The SERVPRO Professionals are super excited for the new truck to help them with any size or type of disaster. SERVPRO of Morgantown is willing to help with customers with any type of disaster and the new box truck will help them improve!

"Like it never even happened."

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols 


Damaged Lamp

Damaged Lamp Due to Caved in Ceiling

This picture is of a lamp that got damaged due to an aging ceiling. Sometimes when content gets damaged due to a loss, it can't be fixed. When this happens during a claimed loss, the content may be claimed.


Protecting Your Assets

When having work done in your home, it's important to protect your belongings when work is being done. When construction or clean-ups are in process, dirt and dust can get into the air and land on counters and other items in your home. SERVPRO Professionals build containment areas and cover items to prevent contamination.

This is a leaky pipe that turned out to be the source of the whole problem

Leaky Sink Piping

This picture is a prime example of why SERVPRO is the best at what they do and why our work is very diligent and in-depth. This is a leaky pipe under the bathroom sink that turned out to be the source of the problem. At SERVPRO we get to the source of the issue and correct it so that the problem doesn't continue or get worse and so that it is fixed right the first time. 

A cleaned and restored table

Content Cleaning

In this picture is a coffee table that was packed up and shipped off by a SERVPRO crew in order to be cleaned. Our crew will pack up dirty and damage contents in order to clean and restore them before bringing them back on site after the problem is mediated. 

The crew that worked on site


This is a picture of the crew and help that SERVPRO had on site at Advanced Auto after a fire ravaged through the store in Clarksburg. They are very hardworking and Advanced Auto was satisfied with the work afterwards. 

The beginning of buffing and refinishing a hardwood floor

Hardwood Floor after Water Damage

In this photo is a just started restoration attempt on a hardwood floor. You can see that the area in which was started on has already got its waxy finish back and looks almost new. The rest of the floor was shined and finished as well afterward. The craftsmanship behind every job is of the utmost importance to our crew.