Commercial Photo Gallery

A picture of fire damage on wood being ice blasting.

Ice Blasting

This is a picture of wood that was damaged due to a fire. Half of the wood has been dry ice blasted. You can see the difference between the part that was dry ice blasted and the other half that is still charred.

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Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


Drying Carpeting

Drying of Hallway Carpeting

This is a picture of carpet being dried out in a commercial building, in the hallway. A busted sink pipe in the kitchen is the blame for the water damage.

SERVPRO of Morgantown, WV

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


Smoke Damage

Smoke On Candy Bar Wrappers

This is a picture of candy bars that was smoke damaged due to a heavy fire in a convenience store. The content had to be disposed of.

SERVPRO of Morgantown

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


AERO storage units fire

This was a huge destructive fire that damaged at least ten storage units in Elkins, West Virginia. Everything that was in those units were destroyed including one that had a Ford Mustang inside it.

Testimonial from Prosecuting Attorney of Marion County

This is a copy of the testimonial from Jeffery L. Freeman, the Prosecuting Attorney of Marion County, West Virginia. Our SERVPRO team had helped restore order to their recently flooded offices.

Team Photo

Here is our SERVPRO team from Morgantown and of Fayette County. Although not everyone is pictured in the photo, our entire teams strives to do the best capable job as possible to continue our trusted services in the restoration business.  

Frozen Pipe Breaks at Morgantown Peebles

Back in February of 2016 we received a call from this Peebles store in Morgantown WV about a pipe break inside the store. They figured the pipe was frozen and that is what caused it to break resulting in a few inches of water on the sales floor. SERVPRO of Morgantown was quick to the disaster to take care of it.