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A picture of water damage in a basement bathroom due to a leakage of a hot water tank.

Damage Due To A Leaky Hot Water Tank.

This post will talk about water damage that was caused by a leakage from a hot water tank. The water went through the walls of the basement into their bathroom. The picture is showing water laying on the floor by the toilet of the bathroom. Our SERVPRO technicians went into the home and was able to the dry the basement.

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A Newspaper Clipping of a SERVPRO employee placing bronze flame piece on top of a memorial in our sister franchise in Fayette

Advancing A Memorial Project.

Here is a picture of our sister franchise in Fayette County of Connellsville, PA. We are very involved in  giving back to the community. Here is a Newspaper clipping of a SERVPRO employee advancing a war memorial in Connellsville. 

"Like It Never Even Happened."

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A picture of the SERVPRO crew making the annual cinnamon rolls for their Christmas Party.

SERVPRO of Morgantown's Annual Christmas Party

Flash Back Friday To 2022!

Here is a collage of photos of the newer employees of SERVPRO of Morgantown making the traditional homemade cinnamon rolls. SERVPRO of Morgantown always has their annual Christmas Party where the cinnamon rolls are always made homemade and fresh! Everyone enjoyed the time and the great taste!

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A picture of SERVPRO crew.

Crew Photo

Above is our SERVPRO team from Fayette County and of Morgantown. Although not everyone is pictured in the photo, our entire teams strives to do the best capable job as possible to continue our trusted services. 

If you have any questions about our services, please give us a call today! 


A picture of a garage ceiling with water damage of water spots.

Water Damage To Garage Ceiling.

This is a picture is showing water damage of a ceiling of a garage. The tub above was accidentally let alone and the water overflowed. Someone forgot to shut the water off while going downstairs and doing chores. Water went down into the drywall of the ceiling of garage and it starting to brown. 

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A picture of a crawl space with water damage.

Storm Caused Muddy Mess

Pictured in this photo is a crawlspace that has been hit with tons of water from a flood that came through the Morgantown area. As you can see, it left a family's home a mess. Which can be very stressful, but no need to worry. Call us today for any water damage needs!

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A picture of SERVPRO staff removing a window on the roof.


Here at SERVPRO we do more than just work inside the house. We are prepared and qualified to do a multitude of jobs to completion with quality craftsmanship and precision. 

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Total loss of a structure due to fire.

Demolished Structure.

This fire that was caused by lighting, destroyed the entire building which can be devastating. SERVPRO of Morgantown can remove left over debris that is left from a fire. 

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A picture of storm damage to roof of a home.

Storm Damage To A House Roof

Storm Damage can be devastating. What you see in this photo is a roof that has been ripped up due to a storm that did significant damage. After the damage, water was leaking in causing a lot of the family's possessions to be ruined.

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A picture of water spots due to a water pipe.

Signs of a Busted Pipe

This photo shows how you can detect that you have a water leak in your home. The water problem was due to a busted pipe in an upstairs bathroom. You can see how visible the water stains are in the ceiling in the floor beneath the bathroom.  If you see water circles on your ceiling, you should  immediately check to see where water is leaking from and shut off the water valve to the source. Then call a SERVPRO professional.

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A picture of a house fire due to an air conditioner.

Aftermath of a AC Fire.

This was the aftermath of a fire that started because of a short that happened to an air conditioner in the second floor of this home. As you can see there is a significant amount of damage done to the outside of the home. 

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A picture of drying equipment.

Proper Equipment

When a storm causes water to come into your home or business, it is important to have the proper equipment to dry out your home/ business. When you do not have a structure properly dried, it can cause more problems with time and money. 

SERVPRO of Morgantown

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A picture of fire damage on wood being ice blasting.

Ice Blasting

This is a picture of wood that was damaged due to a fire. Half of the wood has been dry ice blasted. You can see the difference between the part that was dry ice blasted and the other half that is still charred.

For any questions, call us today!

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A picture of the corner of a wall that has soot webs.

Soot webs

Here is a picture that shows soot webs in the corner of the wall. The Soot Webs are a Result of a Puffback. Those may look like spider webs, but they're actually soot webs, or soot tags, caused by fire damage. Soot particles bond together and then cling to a wall, ceiling, or in between rafters. This is an example.

A picture of a busted pipe.

Knowing When To Shut Off Your Water Source.

This is a picture of a water pipe that busted in a commercial building. When a pipe busts like this, water will continue to flow threw out a building until the water is shut off. It's a good practice to know where all of your shut off valves are.

Adding New Marketing Vechile

SERVPRO of Morgantown has added a New Marketing Vechile

SERVPRO of Morgantown gets to welcome a new Marketing Vehicle to their fleet! The SERVPRO Professionals will be able to use the vehicle to provide more information about SERVPRO to other customers and businesses.

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Newest Box Truck to SERVPRO of Morgantown

New To Our Fleet

SERVPRO of Morgantown has added a New Box Truck to their fleet! The SERVPRO Professionals are super excited for the new truck to help them with any size or type of disaster. SERVPRO of Morgantown is willing to help with customers with any type of disaster and the new box truck will help them improve!

"Like it never even happened."

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols 


Water Damaged Floor

Water Coming Through Floor

Storms with heavy rains came threw and flood areas of this town. This is a picture of how water will find its way up threw a finished basement, Water is seeping up threw the flooring.

Drying Carpeting

Drying of Hallway Carpeting

This is a picture of carpet being dried out in a commercial building, in the hallway. A busted sink pipe in the kitchen is the blame for the water damage.

SERVPRO of Morgantown, WV

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Damaged Lamp

Damaged Lamp Due to Caved in Ceiling

This picture is of a lamp that got damaged due to an aging ceiling. Sometimes when content gets damaged due to a loss, it can't be fixed. When this happens during a claimed loss, the content may be claimed.

Scaffolding built to clean higher areas.

Cleaning From Top to Bottom.

Sometimes when you are cleaning an area in a home, you have to build scaffolding to reach the higher areas. With high ceilings in this home, the crew had to build scaffolding in order to reach the top area of the room.

Floor Protection

Protecting Your Floor

When you have a fire in your home, structure may need to be cleaned. At times items or other structure needs to be protected. This is a picture of carpeting being covered with a drop cloth to prevent more dirt or dust dropping on it.


Protecting Your Assets

When having work done in your home, it's important to protect your belongings when work is being done. When construction or clean-ups are in process, dirt and dust can get into the air and land on counters and other items in your home. SERVPRO Professionals build containment areas and cover items to prevent contamination.

Smoke Damage

Smoke On Candy Bar Wrappers

This is a picture of candy bars that was smoke damaged due to a heavy fire in a convenience store. The content had to be disposed of.

SERVPRO of Morgantown

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Water damaged mattress

Ruined Mattress Due to Water Damage

This is a picture of a mattress that was water logged  because of a water line busting. You can see where the mattress acted like a candle wick and absorbed it. This mattress had to be disposed of, due to the water damage.

Furnace malfunction caused a pipe to burst.

Ice Formation Due to Furnace Malfunction

This is a picture of ice formation because of what started out to be a furnace malfunction. The furnace in this residence home malfunctioned and stopped running. In return, it caused pipes to freeze then burst. Water went flowing threw the home, then it got colder. With the heavy flow of water, it froze, causing ice to form threw out the home.

In this picture is a window forced open from the wind outside

Black Bears Stadium

In this picture is a window that was blown open by the wind from outside. There was a snow storm with high winds that froze a pipe in the stadium, causing a lot of water damage that had to be dried, sterilized and cleaned. 

Water running down a wall from a frozen and busted pipe from a freezing snow storm

Snow Storms

In this picture is a saturated wall from a pipe that froze and busted due to low temperatures from a snow storm. The low temperatures froze the piping in the garage and bust it, creating a water mess in the process. 

A roof that started leaking after a severe rain storm

Leaky Roof

In this picture is a roof that began leaking after a severe rain storm came through with high winds causing minimal damage, but still enough damage to create a leak. The leak eventually got into the insulation and the area had to be tested for mold. Diagnosing and taking care of water problems quickly is key to avoid bigger problems involving mold and even structure damage. 

The source of a house fire found in the basement

Source of Origin

In this picture is the remains of a fire that started in the basement of the home of one of our customers. It was determined during the scope that this was the source of the fire.

At SERVPRO we get to the bottom of things and figure out the factors leading to the disaster so that we know exactly how to get the best results. 

A microwave burnt to a crisp after a stove top fire

Kitchen Fire

In this photo is a microwave that fell victim to a stove top fire. The fire started from oil on the stove and eventually got worse and spread. There are major singes and melting all over the microwave as well as soot covering the whole thing. There is also soot all over the cabinets above the microwave as well. 

Water and mud all over the floor from the water damage

Water Damaged Bathroom

In this photo you can see a partially flooded bathroom. The water is from the drain as well as a leaky pipe and it has mixed with previously existing dirt on the floor to create mud making the problem more unsightly than it already was. With SERVPRO, our qualified crew will face on the problem with speed and precision in order to culminate the problem.  

This is a leaky pipe that turned out to be the source of the whole problem

Leaky Sink Piping

This picture is a prime example of why SERVPRO is the best at what they do and why our work is very diligent and in-depth. This is a leaky pipe under the bathroom sink that turned out to be the source of the problem. At SERVPRO we get to the source of the issue and correct it so that the problem doesn't continue or get worse and so that it is fixed right the first time. 

Aftermath of a broken pipe

Hole-y Water Damage

In the picture you can see that the build up of water in the ceiling caused this massive hole to form. If you notice, there's still a stream of water coming out of the hole in the picture. 

A tile in the closet affected by a water leak above it

Water Damage to Tiles

In this picture is a tile that seems to be corroding from water damage. You can see a circular and brown stain in the tile that is believed to be caused by water on the other side. The water sits there and is absorbed by the tile creating the brown stain. 

A cleaned and restored table

Content Cleaning

In this picture is a coffee table that was packed up and shipped off by a SERVPRO crew in order to be cleaned. Our crew will pack up dirty and damage contents in order to clean and restore them before bringing them back on site after the problem is mediated. 

The crew that worked on site


This is a picture of the crew and help that SERVPRO had on site at Advanced Auto after a fire ravaged through the store in Clarksburg. They are very hardworking and Advanced Auto was satisfied with the work afterwards. 

The beginning of buffing and refinishing a hardwood floor

Hardwood Floor after Water Damage

In this photo is a just started restoration attempt on a hardwood floor. You can see that the area in which was started on has already got its waxy finish back and looks almost new. The rest of the floor was shined and finished as well afterward. The craftsmanship behind every job is of the utmost importance to our crew.

The cleanup after a bad fire at Advanced Auto Parts

Advanced Auto Parts Fire

In the picture you can see damaged contents being brought out of the store in order to be properly disposed of. Some times items can not be saved. When this happens the items need to be properly disposed of.

SERVPRO of Morgantow, WV

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Garage Fire in Westen, WV

This was the aftermath of a garage fire in Westen when we arrived on the scene. As you can see there was significant smoke and soot damage. The owner was more than happy with our crew on how quick and courteous we cleaned the soot from the walls and ceiling.  

Fire in Morgantown, WV

This is the result of a fire in a Morgantown home. You can see the significant damage, luckily the fire didn't burn to much of the home before our crew had arrived.

Flooded Basement

This flooded basement is a result of a broken pipe from one of the upstairs bathrooms in this Morgantown home. This water damage called for 21 air movers and 8 large humidifiers.  

Mold Remediation in a Morgantown Office Building

This picture is from an office building in Morgantown, WV that is infested with mold. 

The Mold Remediation Process

Every mold infestation is different, from the extent and type of growth, to the variety of materials affected. Each scenario requires a unique solution, but the general process stays the same. When you discover mold, call us at (304) 291-3434 and we will go through our standard mold remediation process: 

  • Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment
  • Mold Containment
  • Air Filtration
  • Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Materials
  • Cleaning Contents and Belongings
  • Restoration

If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today –(304) 291-3434

Storm Hits Morgantown

This was once a shed that is now torn apart and basically demolished from a wind storm that come through Morgantown WV. Though the owner was devastated, he was happy enough that SERVPRO of Morgantown was there to clean up the mess. 

AERO storage units fire

This was a huge destructive fire that damaged at least ten storage units in Elkins, West Virginia. Everything that was in those units were destroyed including one that had a Ford Mustang inside it.

Testimonial from Prosecuting Attorney of Marion County

This is a copy of the testimonial from Jeffery L. Freeman, the Prosecuting Attorney of Marion County, West Virginia. Our SERVPRO team had helped restore order to their recently flooded offices.

Team Photo

Here is our SERVPRO team from Morgantown and of Fayette County. Although not everyone is pictured in the photo, our entire teams strives to do the best capable job as possible to continue our trusted services in the restoration business.  

Frozen Pipe Breaks at Morgantown Peebles

Back in February of 2016 we received a call from this Peebles store in Morgantown WV about a pipe break inside the store. They figured the pipe was frozen and that is what caused it to break resulting in a few inches of water on the sales floor. SERVPRO of Morgantown was quick to the disaster to take care of it.