Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Board-Up and Tarped building.

This commercial building was in need of a board up, across the side of the building. The bottom part of the building was missing, clear across the bottom of the... READ MORE

Contained Area For Demo

When SERVPRO Professional have to demo an area of a home some times containment units need built or areas need covered. You can see in the first picture that SE... READ MORE

New Bathroom

This was a house that was hit with water damage. The only thing destroyed from the damage was the kitchen but they still wanted us to redo their bathroom. At SE... READ MORE

Diligent Work

This is a partial water leak that is effecting the tiles in somebody's closet. The water is coming from above the tiles causing them to soak it up, bringing dir... READ MORE

Cleaning After Disaster

This floor in Bridgeport, WV was tarnished after a water incident inside the house. As you can see from the first picture, there seems to be a dried up grime st... READ MORE

Carpet Restoration

This was a dirty carpet on site at one of our local jobs. It was very lightly patterned and light colored so you can't tell how dirty the carpet actually is fro... READ MORE